Today was my day to be part of the on-site staff at my job. I work IT for an essential service and we’re on a 2/3 remote, 1/3 onsite rotation during the first two weeks of this pandemic. For me this translates into roughly 1.5 days in the office a week. While my routine work can be done from home, it makes sense that we keep a team at the ready for when our work inevitably becomes anything but routine.

I strove to maintain my quarantine bubble even while out of the house. Kat drove me to the office so I wouldn’t be a vector on the bus. I opened doors with my elbows. I washed my hands with soap and applied hand sanitizer. I spent my time at my desk, where only I ever sit, with a keyboard only I ever use. I didn’t get within six feet of anyone save for passing by someone on the way to the bathroom. The day passed without incident and with minimal interaction. Then, Kat drove me home and I proceeded to wipe down everything I’d brought with me.

I started the day moderately anxious but settled in as it was clear I’d be able to maintain a relatively isolated space. I don’t think I’ll have any worries about going in for my next shift, which if everyone on my team stays healthy will be in a week. Until then, I’ll settle back into working from our HomeOfficeSchool.

I wish you all well. Stay safe, stay physically separate while emotionally together, and give SARS-CoV-2 RNA the collective finger.