• Remember slacks?

  • Episode 75 of Sam and Ross Like Things is now up. It’s called “Sam and Ross Like You” and features delightful audio clips from our listeners.

  • I miss having GRTC’s bus operators drive me to work.

  • This 4th grade worksheet asks one to identify use of “juicy thinking”. Is this a thing?!

  • Remember calendars?

  • The coffee mug at my cubicle must be gross.

  • Remember wallets?

  • The problem with trying to craft a history lesson for my kid on WWII is that I inevitably find myself saying, “OK, so let’s start with the first records of ancient Mesopotamia…”

  • If you’re curious how to change between home screen pages on iPadOS 13.4 with a non-fancy mouse, click the dots above your Dock.

  • Last call* for audio clips to be included for Stuff Other People Like. Email samandrosslikethings@gmail.com an audio clip with your first name, location, and a thing you like.

    *The last time I ask. Please send one if you make one. Chances are I haven’t edited yet.

  • I’d really appreciate it, even if you’ve never listened to Sam and Ross Like Things, if you’d email a short auto clip to samandrosslikethings@gmail.com saying your first name, location, and a thing that you like. I’ll edit them all together as a way to share good feelings.

  • Keep those “likes” coming! Send an audio recording (voice memo!) where you state your name, location, and a thing that you like to samandrosslikethings@gmail.com. Record your kids if you and they are comfortable with it. I’ll start editing together this weekend.

  • It’s taking every fiber of my nerd being to tune out the voice that says “now would be a great time to optimize your WiFi set up”.

  • We’re compiling audio clips of things people like and we’d love to have yours (yes you!). Just open up your voice memos app, record your first name, the city you live, and tell us something you like!

    Email the file to samandrosslikethings@gmail.com.

  • We’d like to record a special quarantine edition and 75th Sam and Ross Like Things. If you’re willing, fire up your phone’s Voice Memos and send us an audio clip of you saying your first name, location, and what you like! Email the file to samandrosslikethings@gmail.com

  • I naively thought I’d see and hear far fewer cars about.

  • I have an officemate now.

  • There are worse places to set up office.

  • I’m thankful for being in a hammock, reading a book, and drinking Ardent’s Earl Grey Brown Ale.

  • Angelica Garcia’s album Cha Cha Palace kicks so much ass. I recommend you give it a listen.

  • COVID-19: Day 5

    The morning started out pretty good. I ordered a brand new iPad Pro.

    I’ve been saving up money for quite a while to get a new iPad. An iPad is my computer of choice, and it was time to upgrade my trusty, but now venerable iPad Air 2.

    I had enough saved in the autumn of 2019, but Apple didn’t release new iPad Pros then. When Black Friday came around, there were some pretty damn good deals on the seventh generation iPad so I used a little of my fund to buy a tide-me-over iPad, figuring I’d have time to save up the difference before March. I did.

    So next week (hopefully) I’ll have a new toy to play with and maybe they’ll be some trickle down devices in my family.

    I’ve reached the saturation point with the News. Instead of a constant, twitchy check in, I found myself checking in the morning, around lunch, and the late afternoon. I’ve got my orders to stay home (mostly) and that’s what I’m gonna do.

    After work on a whim, I decided to sweep cobwebs out of my garage. It’s a task that will never, ever be done but I found myself doing it anyway. I did it for awhile, then got bored and sat in a chair outside. I listened to the birds around me and thought about the book How to Do Nothing by Jenny Odell. Time definitely feels like it’s slowing down, but I’m aware that it could dramatically speed up at any moment without warning.

  • COVID-19, Day 4

    Today was my day to be part of the on-site staff at my job. I work IT for an essential service and we’re on a 2/3 remote, 1/3 onsite rotation during the first two weeks of this pandemic. For me this translates into roughly 1.5 days in the office a week. While my routine work can be done from home, it makes sense that we keep a team at the ready for when our work inevitably becomes anything but routine.

    I strove to maintain my quarantine bubble even while out of the house. Kat drove me to the office so I wouldn’t be a vector on the bus. I opened doors with my elbows. I washed my hands with soap and applied hand sanitizer. I spent my time at my desk, where only I ever sit, with a keyboard only I ever use. I didn’t get within six feet of anyone save for passing by someone on the way to the bathroom. The day passed without incident and with minimal interaction. Then, Kat drove me home and I proceeded to wipe down everything I’d brought with me.

    I started the day moderately anxious but settled in as it was clear I’d be able to maintain a relatively isolated space. I don’t think I’ll have any worries about going in for my next shift, which if everyone on my team stays healthy will be in a week. Until then, I’ll settle back into working from our HomeOfficeSchool.

    I wish you all well. Stay safe, stay physically separate while emotionally together, and give SARS-CoV-2 RNA the collective finger.

  • As far as I can tell, guinea pigs exist to convert vegetation into poop with maximum cuteness.

  • Guinea pigs got an upgrade yesterday.

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