• At my friend Tracy’s recommendation, I started reading How To Do Nothing by Jenny Odell. I’m only two chapters in, but I have to say this book is going to be a big deal for me.

  • Why isn’t markdown supported everywhere?

  • Corporate Accounts Payable, Nina speaking. Just a moment.

  • ‪Anyone who defines “privacy” as “protecting your sensitive data” is trying to distract you from the fact that they’re making money by surveilling everything you do.‬

  • It’s been 20 years and I am still unclear on what way she might want it. itunes.apple.com/us/album/…

  • Maciej Cegłowski testifies before the Senate tomorrow. His prepared testimony.

  • Breakfast Date

    Sam and his youngest daughter take a selfie with pastries.

  • “No public timelines” is an interesting choice, but I wouldn’t have made many of my IRL friends without some means of social network discovery.

  • Nothing like a week-long allergy fog to find yourself on the Benedryl Wikipedia page.

  • Daddy-daughter camping, the morning after

  • Zip line on Endor

  • How did people get excited for things before the 1991 release of 2 Unlimited’s “Get Ready for This”?

  • There’ve been countless times I’ve thought “I should post a picture to Sunlit/Micro.blog”, then I open the app, tap on the photo icon, and remember there’s no direct camera feature.

    I haven’t found a way to train my brain otherwise. Maybe it’s just how my particular brain works.

  • I wish there was a ride-sharing service that’d pick me up at the same time every day and drop me off at work. Maybe a bunch of us could pitch in and get a big car that could hold say 50+ people all going in the same direction. I bet it wouldn’t cost much more than $1.50 a person.

  • “Thoughtful Portion™”

    a picture of "A thoughful portion" on a box of Nerds candy. 2 tsp.

  • When are we going to get the real Mueller Report?— @jeffmueller needs to write a comprehensive review of 2019 backpacks, bags, and pouches.

  • I recommend you listen to this album, Jade Bird, today.

  • Music.app feature request:

    When clearing the “Up Next” queue, add an option to save the remaining songs in a playlist.

  • I can get all of the digital magazines I’d read on Apple News+ for free from the library.

  • Today, I helped my eight-year-old read her first privacy policy.

    Me: “It says here if you sign up they can sell your information to people who want to send you junk mail.”

    Her: “Ugh. No one likes junk mail!”

  • I contend that the first 12 minutes of Star Trek (2009) is some of the best film-making I’ve ever seen.

  • Netflix arbitrarily breaks AirPlay support

    Netflix App for iOS No Longer Supports AirPlay Because of ‘Technical Limitations’:

    “We want to make sure our members have a great Netflix experience on any device they use. With AirPlay support rolling out to third-party devices, there isn’t a way for us to distinguish between devices (what is an Apple TV vs. what isn’t) or certify these experiences. Therefore, we have decided to discontinue Netflix AirPlay support to ensure our standard of quality for viewing is being met. Members can continue to access Netflix on the built-in app across Apple TV and other devices.”

    Another of the endless examples of remote corporations telling me what I can and can’t do with the software I run on the computers I own.

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