On this rainy day, I feel a strong desire to only have one computing device in life. Nothing to sync. Local file storage. Simplify. Hell, it’s even crossed my mind to just buy a CD player and not worry about media files.

And then I think there’s no reason I can’t simplify right now, this very second. What’s stopping me? I look at my iPhone. I look at my iPad. I look at my Mac. My Apple Watch sits heavy on my wrist. I don’t really want to use them for anything at the moment, why not just turn them off?

And then a friend sends me an iMessage. And my kids are video chatting with my mom. And my dinner is ordered without having to talk to anyone. And my outboard, OmniFocus brain is everywhere I could want it.

And then my kid hands me a form for school and I fill it out with a fountain pen. I think “why not just use paper for everything?”

I think about how much I think about this stuff. I think about how I’m glad I have internet friends who are also broken.

And then there’s a knock at the door and I get to have dinner.