Opened Apple Music to find the new Nine Inch Nails EP available. This morning just got better.

I tried out Instagram again, too. Meh. The timeline stuff has improved, but the ads are still prevalent, and it just felt kinda bad. YMMV. Definitely not as awful as Twitter, though.

I went back on Twitter for a few days and whoooooooo boy was that a mistake. I miss my friends there, but the anxiety and stress caused by simply following my timeline was untenable. I don’t even follow that many people.

Today, I simultaneously played Candyland with one kid and Go Fish with the other.

Delaying a flight because you don’t have a crew is a pretty comical logistics fuckup.

Apologies to all my friends I texted at improper hours because I was on the west coast.

“You’ve done this before!”

TSA screener was impressed with my preparedness.

I’ve only done this once before.