RVA Bike Share Terms & Conditions

Because I’m that type of person, I read through the Terms & Conditions you’re required to agree to to sign up for the new RVA Bike Share program.

Tidbits from the Terms & Conditions (any emphasis is mine):

  • No wearing a backpack while riding. (Section 10.a)
  • Maximum weight for a human to use RVA Bike Share is 260 lbs. (Section 10.g)
  • If you don’t return a bike to the Bike Dock within 10 hours you’ll be charged a $2,000 fee (Section 12)
  • You waive your right to a jury trial if you want to sue RVA Bike Share. (Section 16)
  • You agree that Maryland courts will have jurisdiction over RVA Bike Share. (Section 16)
  • If you get hurt and can’t communicate, RVA Bike Share can tell local authorities who you are. (Section 28.i)
  • RVA Bike Share can share location data about you (including the latitude and longitude your home address) with the City of Richmond, but only if they aggregate the data first to remove anything that could identify you as an individual. (Section 28.ii)

And from the Privacy Policy:

“RVA Bike Share will not sell, rent or lease your personally identifiable information to others.”

The sentiment espoused in this link is very similar to why I like using my e ink Kindle for reading.

90 seconds.

The amount of time after logging back into Twitter before I see something that makes me so angry that I delete it from my phone again.

My wife and youngest daughter are making pancakes and bacon for dinner and it brings me joy.

As of today my kid doesn’t need these anymore!

The latest episode of my podcast, Sam and Ross Like Things, is up! I really like making it. http://www.samandrosslikethings.com/podcast/2017/8/10/sam-and-ross-like-susan-episode-41