This is a post. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

The last thing I say before I leave the house is “I love you” because I mean it with all of my heart but also because I think “what if I die?”

My kids have never known a world without online pizza tracking.

I pray they never have to.

How soon into a 7-year-old’s birthday party before you can start drinking beer? Asking for a friend.

Pop’s Market Biscuit

Some mornings, not most mornings, but some mornings, I get off the bus at 4th and Broad and get a delicious, freshly baked biscuit from Pop’s Market on Grace.

It makes me happy.

If your daughter ever needs a tube of medical cream, don’t store it on the shelf next to the toothpaste.

Sometimes, my almost-seven-year-old doesn’t eat her pretzels for lunch so I eat her pretzels.

Instagram Cycle—Iteration 17550446

  1. Hey I haven’t tried Instagram in a while.
  2. Instagram is pretty nice!
  3. Oh yeah, Instagram is bad at notifications.
  4. Oh yeah, if you turn notifications off, Instagram constantly bugs you to turn notifications back on.
  5. Delete Instagram.

UPDATE: You can trick it.