• Who’s your favorite Final Fantasy VI character? Mine’s Celes Chère.

  • Patriarchal “Production”

    From Bullshit Jobs: A Theory by David Graeber:

    “But as in so many patriarchal social orders, men like to conceive of themselves as doing socially, or culturally, what they like to think of women as doing naturally. “Production” is thus simultaneously a variation on a male fantasy of childbirth, and of the action of a male Creator God who similarly created the entire universe through the sheer power of his mind and words, just as men see themselves as creating the world from their minds and brawn, and see that as the essence of “work,” leaving to women most of the actual labor of tidying and maintaining things to make this illusion possible.”

  • Lies

  • In less than 10 minutes using Ferrite 2, I made a podcast template that will save me hours.

  • I’m excited to upgrade from it when new iPads are announced, but my iPad Air 2 doesn’t feel nearly four years old. A testament to a great product.

  • The 59th episode of Sam and Ross Like Things is now up. I hope it brings you joy! This episode? Revolving Doors & Megaman 2

  • I can’t wait to get an iPhone 🎾.

  • I love winning arbitrary virtual pins on my iPhone X running Micro.blog!

  • Happy Apple Event Day! May the exact piece of expensive, yet fulfilling technology you desire be released for sale.

  • “I like Storm better with a mohawk”—my 11 year old daughter.

    We all do kid. We all do.

  • Tomorrow, @rosscatrow and I record Episode 59 of Sam and Ross Like Things. Tell me something you like!

  • No one cares about my Trapper-Keeper

    At the bus stop this morning, I posted a few tweets to Twitter about a messed up traffic intersection. I was snarky and I wasn’t particularly kind.

    It caused me stress. It caused me stress to have Twitter on my phone again. It caused me stress to have those posts up there at all—would people reply? What if someone replied and was mean?

    Later, it caused me stress when people didn’t reply, or fave, or retweet my perfect tweets. Why didn’t the Mayor send me a direct message telling me that not only would he fix it, but that we should totally hang out and be best friends?

    The fall break after I graduated from high school I went back to see some friends in the school play. I was sitting on a bench outside the auditorium and a senior I used to do colorguard with came up to me very, very stressed out. For some reason I never found out, she needed the bench I was on to move immediately. It needed to be in that hallway over there or the play would be unprofessional and ruined. It was very important. So, of course, I moved it.

    It struck me how much she cared about her thing and I didn’t care about it at all. I remembered caring that intensely about stuff in high school and I was surprised that how, just half a year removed, not only did I not care about high school stuff, but I didn’t think I would ever care that hard, that intensely, about things ever again.1

    Twitter feels like high school. I want my tweets to be important. I want them to change the world the way a highschooler wants their production of Fiddler on the Roof to change the world. It’s three lines of text. It’s a video. It’s a picture. It’s a musical in a school auditorium. Sure, it could change the world, but it probably won’t. People who care about tweets care about them so hard and I feel myself wanting to be one of them.

    But, the more I’m away from Twitter, the more I realize it’s a thing that I don’t need to care about. I could post more posts about bad intersections, but I’d probably feel way better if I just went to a public meeting. I don’t need Twitter drama. I don’t need that false hope of internet fame. I can spend my time doing other things and it’ll be not only OK, but better.

    I deleted the tweets.

    1. I was wrong. I found new things to care intensely about like my family, but I never sweated the small stuff like I did when I was a teenager. No one cares about anything as hard as a teenager cares about their thing. 

  • Listing to TMBG’s Apollo 18 on shuffle, as god intended.

  • ACK! Pixelated Doll Trigger Warning next time, USPS!

  • Yay! My friend and podcast co-host, @rosscatrow, is here!

  • With the great release of Sunlit 2.2, the challenge becomes getting friends and family on Instagram to switch over. Time to lead by example!

  • Yes I will go back to school and achieve victory! No one will take what my father has built, unless that man is me!

  • Girlyman, Fall Stories:

    September’s still summer, but the nights are like fall. Tell me your Fall stories

  • Lies.

  • This amuses me greatly:

    🦄 The Enterprise™ programming language

    Every Enterprise™ program must begin with a copyright notice, else it will not compile and fail with an UnexpectedNonDisruptiveOpenSourceException error.

  • I showed my daughters this font comprised entirely of corporate logos and was surprised at just how many they immediately recognized.

  • From @aleen earlier:

    Hey guys. If women are telling you that the use of “hey guys” to reference a group of people from all genders makes them uncomfortable, your job is to listen and adjust your behavior. Your job is not to argue about why women are wrong.

    Listen more, talk less.

  • For me, writing is never fun, but having written feels amazing.

  • It’s Friday afternoon, the perfect time for me to mess with DNS. Nothing could possibly go wrong.

  • I, too, have now set up Airplay 2 to work on my iPod Hi-Fi. /cc @jsnell @liss

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